Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Kosovo – Day Two “What after the egg hatches?!”

Day two was mostly the ‘tips and tricks’ and ‘how-to’ kinda day.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development – CEED in Kosovo started the second GEW day with three excellent workshops. They gave inspired entrepreneurs an introduction to the three pillars of doing business: 1. Product Development; 2. Business Growth and Analytics; and last but not least 3. Building and organizing the leadership team.

Right after, the Kosovo SME Promotion Programme – KOSME, together with the Business Consultants Council – BCC, introduced new brilliant support tools available to entrepreneurs, namely the Kosovo’s Consultancy Market and KOSME Voucher Scheme opportunities. Click here to see the cool and informative video that explains how you can get up to ten days free consultancy vouchers.

The KOSME & BCC meeting, was followed by the Kosovo Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR Network, which gave a thorough training on the importance of the social responsibility inclusion in business doing. The participants were given the chance to get in-depth knowledge on the CSR concept, as well as the know-how to join the Kosovo CSR Network.

The Kosovo United States Alumni – KUSA continued with their day two of the workshop, covering mainly business-related sustainability, financial challenges, and the importance of PR and marketing. Specifically, today, Bleta Zeqiri, the owner of Leonidas Chocolates – the sweetest store in town, literally J, shared her story on how it all started. Where as, Vjosa Berisha, founder of B2 Agency, one of the biggest advertising agencies in Kosovo, elaborated on the role and effect of PR and marketing in developing a business.

And the day didn’t end with the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg!?”, it rather ended with the question “what after the egg hatches?!”. During the Business Tuesday gathering, organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo – ICK and the University of Prishtina Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the ICK Incubator Manager Safer Rama shared their working experience and success stories of the incubator. Ardian Jashari, one of founders of the MDA Foundation presented the support they provide. Prof. Asoc. Dr. Blerim Rexha, lecturer at the University of Prishtina, gave an inspirational speech on the opportunities entrepreneurs should seize. All of what was said created the perfect moment for Uranik Begu, the executive director of ICK, to award the certifications to the incubator-graduated teams.