Global Entrepreneurship Week: Blast-off with play-offs

Did you hear? Global Entrepreneurship Week is back in Kosovo for its 7th Autumn commemoration full of dedicated participants and an awe-spiring agenda!

With 82 events, 55 partners and a whole week’s worth of time to cook up the impressionable achievement board that is Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo!

Thereon commences the first day of GEW through the Opening Ceremony and Networking Event of Global Entrepreneurship Week with attendance from partners and a multitude of guests to sign off the symbol of a glorious week at Menza Ramiz Sadiku in Prishtina launched by Innovation Centre Kosovo along with the American Chamber of Commerce.

In a large hall incubating an atmosphere ready for entrepreneurial growth, all guests gather at the center stage to welcome Executive Director of Innovation Centre Kosovo, Uranik Begu to deliver a few words of commemoration and, as celebration would have it, conjure up a few tunes in cheer!

“When we started the first year, Global Entrepreneurship Week, we started a small group of organizations with the same goal, to promote entrepreneurship and to encourage young entrepreneurs to have the courage and verve to continue, and turning their dream into a reality. Today, seven years later, we are a sum of 60 organizations that have come together for the same noble mission, perhaps in slightly more difficult circumstances, due to our surroundings” Mr. Begu. “Global Entrepreneurship Week starts today in 180 countries, with around 10 million expected. We are very proud that as Kosovo, we have around 80 activities highlighting that what is special in the country is its people. While years ago activities have been focused on Pristina, we see a great deal of inclusion and this makes us feel proud “he said.

Gracefully filling up the presence in the room at the unfolding 1st day of GEW was Kosovo’s Ambassador to the United States, Vlora Citaku, who said “The main reason why we came here after a long night shows how committed we are. I have to say that ICK has been one of the great success stories that Kosovo has been able to produce since we declared independence. It is our youth, the entrepreneurial spirit that will drive and push Kosovo forward”.

Cutting the rug from the other corner is the Deputy Head of Mission (Embassy of Sweden) Ms. Nasrin Porghazian relaying that “As I consider myself a proud supporter ICK and Global Entrepreneurship Week with all the effort poured in to make it the best it can be. Sweden strongly believes that entrepreneurship advances and energizes engagement in Kosovo the more it is promoted as well as helps with the development of education in Kosovo”.

Arian Zeka from the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo added “The essence of all this week’s activities should be to share as many success stories as possible with these young people , and tell them that it is extremely possible for you to succeed in Kosovo even under these circumstances if they have succeeded previously “.

The day continued with the abundant amount of foreseen activities from A-Z including: the PREX Project Training in Leadership organized by the Forum for Civic Initiatives at the Resource Center Kosovo to rouse skills in delegation for potential business owners, the well-endowed Startup Bootcamp at the Innovation Centre, the Launch of Innovation Grant Fund as an online campaign for growth opportunities, Building Circular Economy Ecosystems; Launch of Circular Economy in Kosovo Study at Kosova Live, UPSHIFT Social Impact Workshop (Day 1) at Lipjan’s Correctional Facility, Global Girl Media Media: How Education and Inclusion lead to Entrepreneurialism at Kosova Live and last but not least, The Importance of Education for Building a Successful Business at Riinvest College Library.

And that wraps up a 1st fruitful day full of motivated individuals putting their heads together for a better Kosovo. The upcoming days promise even more to do and learn, to which there is an entrepreneurial attitude to be gained; to work hard with purpose and fun and, as these things often have it, find fun and purpose through hard work.
Stay tuned for a marvelous week and never say nay to the opportunity to innovate!

– Dora Tarani (ICK)