Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019: That Time of The Year

An event encompassing the globe at different places at the very same time, uniting communities and inspiring millions; that is the spirit of the GEW; to bring every entrepreneur worldwide together and sparking entrepreneurship and innovation in every corner.

According to celebratory tradition since its inception in 2008, every year there is one week dedicated to entrepreneurs of 170+ countries to honor and perpetuate the concept of entrepreneurship by organizing multiple events and allow budding innovators to participate and boost abilities of a true entrepreneur.

The world’s largest festivity for entrepreneurs and job creators who bring new ideas and business concepts to life, expand economic growth and increase the quality of life for humanity itself. Whether it be local or international, all entrepreneurs and stakeholders get to bask in the glory of taking the next step in their entrepreneurial journey and introduce themselves to new experiences.

Beginning from November 18-24 this 2019, more than 165 countries will network, celebrate, create and innovate alongside their other counterparts across the globe! The implementation of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kosovo allows the bright minds of this country to dive into the niche of work developing at a rapid pace with abundant support and phenomenal results on a yearly basis.

To make life in Kosovo flourish in its successful accomplishments as it is done so time and time again in all 7 consecutive edition by organizing events and activities that bring the community together with 50+ partners, the Innovation Centre Kosovo reprises its role as the faithful host for Kosovo in the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

While organizations can plan and act out events and activities as a GEW host, anybody from any kind of life can get involved to share their ideas and experiences and light up someone else’s trials and tribulations as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, overall improving everyone’s flow of career and enriching the world of innovation.

This year’s theme is a cluster of complementary combos such as:
1. Education; informing and exposing people of all ages to entrepreneurship regardless of the development (or lack thereof) of communities disadvantaged economically or through quality,

2. Ecosystems; to look beyond the most obviously booming areas to facilitate collaboration and partnership between startup ecosystems and bleed out into other areas full of potential rendered with no chances in the past,

3. Inclusion; to practice the scopes of one’s innovative talents and skills beyond the genetic shackles that block us from freedom of expression such as race, age, gender or where one lives and dictates their life accomplishments through the course of inevitable time and disregarded effort.

4. Policy; to remove barriers and allow entrepreneurs to flourish out of the bounds of policies and instead promoting policy solutions to help local startups reach and scale their goals.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo is ready to exhibit the highlights of its progress in the country’s entrepreneurial status and bring its best foot forward to help dreamers and doers grow. This intention has been brought on from the very start of the concept itself by GEN (Global Entrepreneurship Network) in 2007 announced by Jonathan Ortmans (President of GEN), Carl Schramm (former CEO of the Kauffman Foundation which has announced the “Entrepreneur’s Policy Network” to bring entrepreneurial debates to a state-level) and Gordon Brown (former prime minister of the United Kingdom). Awaiting this new edition is the hard work of these entrepreneurs into global success where all will join and Kosovo will revel.

Blog by Dora Tarani (ICK).