Global Entrepreneurship Day 5: Reaching the farthest reaches

The week has almost reached its conclusion. And as past success has it, it shall not end underwhelmingly. Tune in for weekend events!

Regarded as the most important meal of the day, the best way to have time to eat breakfast and get some good work done in the day is to combine them! Business for Breakfast organized by KDWV-OEGJK does just that by meshing a networking opportunity and gaining information on proper development of Entrepreneurship spirit. Nothing like coffee and business to get one kick-started in the day to incite some sweet, sweet change.

Becoming and Entrepreneur: Prospectives of Self-Employment organized by American Chamber of Commerce, RDA East and the Municipality of Vitia on the other hand discussed the challenges and advantages of becoming self-employed as an Entrepreneur in a less urbanized community that the country tends to fashion and tackle ways of optimizing the self-employment opportunities to existent but under-developed businesses.

To spur on the wisdom of digital marketing, the EBRD office in Kosovo at the BIT Academy had organized an online marketig and social media training sesaion for young female budding Entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of business management and topping in the market with more qualitatve work done in promotions of the respective starup.

Demo Pitch Day served as an Admissions Committee for the newest additions to the Innovation Centre Kosovo’s incubated family; the startups selected from the 20th Call! The new startups presented their pitches and got feedback on the quality and progress of their startup business at the heart of ICK itself joined and adorned by staff as it often goes with supportive Entrepreneurial Communities.

It is nice to share the positive experiences one has in a hefty career path, and what better way to do that than tell an anecdote of achievement? Startup Success Stories event organized by American Chamber of Commerce does just that by having prestigious guests lay accounts in their life where hard work, creative choices, investing and risking paid off into their current success!

Training courses such as (PREX Project)-Advocacy and Sustainability Leadership Kosovo Champion Training debuting on the first days still go on to inform the masses that participated in all previous days of other enrichening elements in the curriculum.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo 2019 is supported by: Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, GIZ Kosovo, Embassy of Norway in Prishtina, GIST Techconnect and Coca Cola HBC Kosovo.

Two more days. Get ready!