#GEW2015 Day 5

What is a Global entrepreneurship week (GEW) without its space and the live of the Cities? As cities are those place were our words are being turned into actions. As in the entrepreneurship language, Idea / start ups into an active business.

The day started with an organized a panel discussion from Universum on how to integrate social entrepreneurship in higher education. Coming from an educational background, gives you the chance to see the potential of young people. As at times the opportunity for an entrepreneurship gives lots of new chances. And why not find sources as entrepreneurship for new possibilities.

A great round table of discussions was also on the interpretation and implementation on one of the latest trends known as Digital Economy. This was the last event that Am Cham hosted regarding the GEW.  Great Kosovar success stories were part of this round table by showing that through digital economy   they made it possible from startups to the path of a real business.

Within the GEW, there was also a presentation on Prishtina mobile market: A new platform for farmer entrepreneurs. This was hosted by the American corner, which made possible a great discussion and introduction of this new platform for farmer entrepreneurs and show that this sector has a great potential in Kosovo.

GEW kicked off its first Bar Camp of the week held in Prizeren, organized by Ipko Foundation. Where there were different discussions on how can an entrepreneur be involved in the society and what are the advantages and disadvantage of being an entrepreneur.

When someone made it from being on the first stage of an entrepreneur by just having an idea to a business, at some point those businesses will need help of an expert or consultant. Therefore, there was a presentation on promoting standards of consultancy in kosovo hosted by BCC Kosova, were the discussion was on how a consultant can help this business develop and go towards the path on which will lead to growth.

The day ended with a great presentation hosted by Prishtina Hackerspace on the topic of how Open Sources Software can help Businesses. As this software lately can help business in their inside and outside operations for their businesses.

Times is going really fast, especially on an active week of GEW with an agenda full of events. As GEW is coming to an end by giving you the last chance on holding on the last day’s activities, stay with us and enjoy the last day’s activities.