Four trainings starting at ICK

During the second part of January 2014 four new trainings will be opened at the training department of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK).

The four training offered by Innovation Centre Kosovo are: 3D animation (22 January 2014 – 26 February 2014), AUTOCAD LT® 2013 Fundamentals (27 January 2014 – 26 February 2014), Web Design (30 January 2014 – 15 March 2014) and PHP5 (30 January 2014 – 15 March 2014).

The training in 3D Animation is dedicated to participants that want to go ahead and get great skills into their career, also improve their skills for the next level. This course will make participants understand the animation industry and turn their dream into reality. After this course they will be more confident about your skills and what you do, and you are ready to call yourself 3D Artist. In this course the participants will have a chance to work directly in the same footage that it was done for a feature film.

The training AUTOCAD®/AUTOCAD LT® 2013 FUNDAMENTALS will help participants to navigate the AutoCAD user interfaces, use the fundamental features of AutoCAD, use the precision drafting tools in AutoCAD to develop technical drawings and present drawing in a detailed and visually impressive way. The training program is based on official training guides from ASCENT and Wiley.

The training on PHP5 offers handy knowledge in web applications development, with this course people are ready to leap ahead of the pack and get a great skill into their career path, and on the other some might be able to take their design/development skills to the next level.

The training on WEB DESIGN offers to participants knowledge on basic web design concepts, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery, Building & Publishing a Website, Website Layouts & Grid Systems, Editing & Slicing with Adobe Photoshop

For more information please visit the Training department of ICK