Founder’s Bootcamp Day 1: A Professional How-To for Running Your Business the Best Way Today

The perfect starting guide to commence during Techstar’s Startup Week; an entrepreneurial map with startup-savvy highlights to define your business, conceptualize your business model set, go-to marketing strategy and the ins and outs of actually running your business!

Kicking off yet another excellent addition to the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK)’s arsenal of informative events, Founder’s Bootcamp cuts the celebratory red ribbon of Techstars Startup Week and welcomes the entrepreneurial community in its midst.

To cultivate a lucrative but also impactful business and subsequently managing a staff of workers that upkeep with the company’s values into their work ethic is a masterpiece in and of itself. But it is not easy if there is no curiosity there to see what new methods can be attached to the technique to strengthen execution and maintenance of a proper business that is both your initiative and the livelihood initiative of others. To do this, there are a few points that have been tackled on the first day of the thunderously heard of Bootcamp.

Led by Besart Kunushevci from Platforma Akademia, the points were mentioned as the business idea/mold, the potential problems it can face and the inevitable needs it has for its growth and nurtured development.

Developing an understanding for such problems, needs as well as the company’s growing desires is something that can be achieved by building a concrete, concise and practical model of business by asking a series of more in-depth specified questions. Asking the hard questions exposes the chinks in the armor of your model’s strategy and covers the bases more effectively.

Who is your customer? Defining the target audience that will be attracted to the product or service offered by the company helps narrow down many facets of branches in a business like in marketing, budgeting, staff recommendations and product implementation.

How many people are you serving? By measuring the size of demand, you measure the size of the aforementioned potential problems and nipping the difficulties in the bud if you crunch down the exact measurements of your model and market it to size.

What resources do you need to serve them? Listing down exactly the amount and precise resources needed will go a long way into planning the financial account of the company and defining the quality of the service from the very beginning while also giving plenty of leads to find providing sources for such plans.

It is questions like these that will be asked and answered in the upcoming sessions of the Founders Bootcamp until its inevitable but glorious wrap in the finalization of Techstars Startup Week. Stay tuned for more to come and think big!