Entrepreneurship is a Woman – new collaboration with COSME through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Funded by the European Commission – Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the ‘Entrepreneurship is a Woman 3 — EIW3’ is a three-year program that will be implemented in 10 countries, including Kosovo for the first time.

The main aim of the EIW3 project is to enhance and promote women and social entrepreneurship in Europe and to increase the competitiveness of European women-led SMEs and potential women founders start-ups by establishing experience exchange between new and experienced entrepreneurs, access to new markets, finding potential business partners and business networking. Counties to be included during the implementation, include Lithuania, Kosovo, Portugal, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The consortium aims to: 1) promote unusual and social businesses creation in order to meet the needs and find business opportunities in small, excluded areas where there is no place for big innovative IT companies, but there is place for ecological food, care services, education 2) support with the 21st-century skills training (to make it innovative and scalable), 3) measure the impact of the program created within EIW3.

The first coordination meeting took place in Brussels, from February 17-18, 2020. More information coming soon.