Eduapps graduates from the ICK inkubator

With the experience experience gained during their stay at the Innovation Centre (ICK) four members of the Eduapps team managed to launch three other companies, called Appsix, where Graphsix Netsix that employ 24 people and it’s expected to employ another 47 people.

After eight months at the Innovation Centre Eduapps team not only has been transformed into a company but has managed to hire new staff and also successfully graduate from the ICK incubator. Eduapps is the first team that has graduated from ICK since the establishment of the center in June of 2012. Eduapps at the ICK incubator was accepted with Math4Kids – an application dedicated to teaching mathematics for elementary school children from first to the fourth grade.

Mathematics for children
Eduapps team members with their product – Math4Kids focus on children – so they can play and learn math at the same time. “We thought to create a product with which children can also learn,” says Blerta Thaçi member of the Eduapps team adding that the team has participated in Startup Weekend Prishtina organized in ICK,  where their business idea won the third place. “We decided to apply for a place at the ICK incubator where we had the opportunity to meet more often, to have our own space to use it for 24 hours and work together as a team and use the qualitative services offered by the ICK incubator”, she said.

Eduapps according to Thaçi, has done market research, visited several elementary schools where it introduced the first version of the product, which was well received by students and teachers.

“The graduation of Eduapps team is a special day given that this is the first graduation of a team from the ICK incubator”, said Safet Rama ICK incubator manager during the graduation ceremony.
“Today is the graduation but this does not mean that we will stop cooperating with them, on the contrary, we will begin today a greater cooperation and we will be with you in the future by following your successes and will help you whenever you need it”, said Rama. Math4Kids is the first application created by Eduapps and currently this team is also working on other applications such as Chemistry, ABC. Math4Kids application is interesting and attractive for the technology market and for the sector of primary education.

Support from Norway
“I know you work hard every day and today we see the results of your work,” said Astrid Green Managing Director of Athene Project Management, co-founder of ICK. She adds that “the driving force and the main purpose behind this center is the need for for the creation of future jobs especially those that are based on information and communication technology and support of entrepreneurs in creating successful companies”.

While Jon Hansen Norwegian Deputy Ambassador in the Republic of Kosovo during the graduation of Eduapps said that “I think that your accomplishments are absolutely fantastic”. Hansen while thanking the ICK staff, Crimson Capital and Athene Project Management expressed the hope to see also other teams’ graduation from the ICK inklubator. “I am proud that we as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway took the decision to launch this concept here, to see that Kosovo has many hardworking people with very good ideas,” said deputy ambassador Jon Hansen.

Since the first day at the ICK incubator Eduapss had full support from ICK staff and advisors in the implementation their business idea. They were given office space, counseling, training, networking, and frequent presence in the media and events organized in and outside the Innovation Centre Kosovo. Being part of ICK Eduapps has had the opportunity to meet many professionals in the field of information technology in events organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo. With the help of ICK Eduapps registered as a company, developed business plans, etc.

Eduapps currently employs 4 people. Eduapps team managed to launch three other companies, called Appsix, where Graphsix Netsix that employ 24 people and it’s expected to employ another 47 people.