DyVo asks: “Trash or Treasure?”

A startup dedicated to keeping our environment alive and our fashion sense & style poppin’!

All of it started with a designer and an architect (and no, that isn’t the beginning of a joke, it really did start like that). When out for a walk-as inspired teens do from time to time- architect Nikki Murseli and designer Gëzim Ramizi bumped into one of the many garbage landfills that plague Germia forest’s plains and noticed the amount of grade 7 plastic left there.

We all want to care for the future as much as for the past and when we can’t do that ourselves, we support the people that do. That is ICK’s role in elevating “DyVo”, a startup dedicated to keeping our environment alive and our fashion sense & style poppin’. Through incubation, networking and entrepreneurial growth, ICK made a hero out of DyVo.

In 2016 Nikki and Gëzim have decided to quit their daily jobs and focus on producing jewelry with 0 waste by recycling creatively through using the plastic dumped by companies in the landfills as material for work.

After doing some digging and finding out that 150+ companies in the country use 7 grade plastic as a heating source, since it melts slowly but gets very hot (and toxic), they’ve decided to do something about it. Collecting used tools necessary for production, they discharged plastic in a metallic cylinder and set it to melt the plastic, to be reshaped into something beautiful and sustainable.

“We forget that plastic is supposed to be a long-term product and yet it is always used for a short amount of time and then discarded quickly. Now that’s a recipe for disaster, if I’ve ever seen one” – says Nikki.  Gëzim follows the train of thought by adding that “There are bad habits within all of us. But we should try to improve the things within that we can afford to lose and leave room for compassion towards our environment and our own health”.

By checking out https://dyvo.shop , you’ll notice an insane modern collection of gorgeous jewelry rivaling red carpet looks all day, any day. Turning the unturnable into something beautiful is never easy, but easy isn’t a word in an artist’s vocabulary.

Not only does this business spare our lungs and makes us look glam; it increases employability, maximizes capacity, incites awareness, inspires others to perpetuate the idea and even creates workshops thats solves other issues as well.

So, what do you say: Trash, or Treasure?

By Dora Tarani (ICK)