“dua.com”: Connecting Albanians Worldwide

We’re all human; we crave love, success and comfort. And more often than not, those things aren’t given to us as easily as it is to write about them. The search is part of the fun of gaining the goods in life. That is the goal of dua.com: to make your journey easier no matter who or where you’re from! How? Well…

Like many cultures worldwide, Albanians have a wide geographical range when it comes to migrating to evolve as a member of society. dua, which is Albanian for “Love”, is an online platform that connects Albanians globally in three marvelous categories.

In 2019, when founders Valon Hasani and Larklind Cerkezi developed their careers abroad, an idea to develop the quality of life of others came to them. A common-shared passion to connect people suddenly surfaced and so began the creation of dua.

The first fold is love; allowing people searching for the big L word and wanting to spend their time creating intimate relationships from people of their culture that will understand the diversity that surrounds them as well as the unique roots inside them. Using dua’s dating app feature, people are guaranteed no false profiles and a trustworthy screening process along with their potential other half on the other side of the chat.

As the famous German psychologist Sigmund Freud once asserted; “Love and work, work and love. That’s all there is”. So, what about work? Believe it or not, dua’s covered that angle, too!

The second fold includes business; a freelance worktable on a global scale to assist individuals whom have a great grasp of the job involved but not a great grasp of the social connections needed to find work in foreign lands, find great opportunities to show their stuff and earn for it. Whenever an Albanian person of skill struggles to generate work, they can log into dua and register as a hire-able employee from any corner of the world and be recruited as such.

The final fold appeals to the necessity of all humanity; to help those in need. While the perk of adulthood is to be self-sufficient, everybody needs a bit of help every now and then. If abroad, hungry but sceptic about the foreign delicacies (escargots and whatever else rain brings), cautious of the couch-surfing safety implications and disoriented on which old landmark building to snap polaroid photos of next (those instant films are expensive!), then have no fear for yet again, dua is here!

Dua has a 3rd handy feature in its arsenal which is essentially a travel and stay guide for people not familiar with their new surroundings. The beauty of the world lies on its many different culture flavors. It’s the different spices that make an expensive restaurant worth spending your last euros of the month on, and dua makes sure that Albanian of all walks of life are properly oriented on the how’s of this culture palette.

Post a question on the “Help” section about any particular thing that is making it hard for you to live your best life and receive advice from fellow Albanians who’ve gone through the same bumps and have discovered the best remedies!
With now 30 staff members from America, Sweden, Albania, Norway, Switzerland, England, Holland, not to mention the Diaspora people moving back to invest for their country, dua is growing bigger and better every day!

Launch nears itself in summer and will be beta tested in the following month to make sure the service arrives for the people soon. Warm office atmosphere and comfortable in all angles for a good work day!

An ecosystem of Albanians in the digital world strengthening the values of their own community through dua staff’s hard work, socks-only comfortable office space, inspiring books and vibrantly delightful people, sure to connect more than just what’s on the inside.
As said by dua’s people, “With dua, the world will have no borders”.