Digital Festival’s About to End: APP & INTERFACE WEEKEND CHALLENGE

After five weeks of intensive workshops, events, panel discussions and social gatherings, this weekend Digital Festival is coming to an end: the culmination of the series of productive digital events is the Raiffeisen App & Interface Challenge, hosted this weekend at Innovation Centre Kosovo.

A young student, Gentrit Rexhepi, who is competing with his other four team members under the theme Builder Soft, explains why he decided to spend this weekend working at ICK: “Three weeks ago Digital Festival discussed about cyber security – that’s when I found out about the app camp. I decided to tell my friends. We observed it as an idea and the terms of Raiffeisen Bank; and we thought that we could develop it much more than a simple idea.”

But Rexhepi is not the only one; there are a total of eight teams, roughly fifty people who competing this weekend at the app & interface challenge, each with a different take on the challenge presented to them by the organizers.

“We thought this was a very interesting competition –we have this great opportunity to start an app, with the aim that after the competition ends, it will be developed in a complete app to be used in everyday life,” Gentrit Gojani, form ZAG Apps, starts the conversation, as he unfolds details of the competition: “our day began here at ICK as had started working on the app yesterday [Friday]; we were given the main idea and now the details are up to us. We’ve developed a plan and until tomorrow afternoon we can work on it – let’s see how we will do.”

In general, the idea is to create two mobile apps (for iPhone and Android) as a loyalty program for sellers or cashiers.  The application will encourage people to pay by cards. If a client pays with card, a receipt will be generated which the seller will be able to access in the application; the seller gains points, Raiffeisen confirms it and they give out gifts. During this weekend, teams will work intensively to develop this app in competition with each-other.

In today’s face-paced and dynamic life, applications, such as the ones that are being developed at ICK are very helpful and ease the work a lot. “With a phone you can finish many tasks without having the need to have direct contact; for example to reserve tickets, to check-in, these are things that have generated millions for the company,” Gojani explains, when asked about digitalization. “The companies here seems that have not seen it yet the digitalization as something valuable, but eventually they will see how little space they leave for people to make mistakes,” he continues.

However, thanks to Digital Festival, this might not a challenge with the youngsters, such as Rexhepi: “we are ourselves students of computer science,” he explains while introducing his team members, “and this is the road we are planning to take. These kind of events are helping us, because other people are also learning what is digitalization. It’s sort of paving the road for us because it’s helping other parts of the society change their attitude – it is opening our way for the future. Events like Digital Festival and this app challenge are great; personally I can’t wait until something happens so that I can participate.”

Raiffeiesen App & Interface Weekend will host the participants for another day- until the end of Sunday, when the winners will be announced. This event will also mark the closure of this year’s rich program of Digital Festival. But this is not the end of ICK’s numerous activities! Stays tuned at our website or Facebook Page to find out what’s next!

Blog by: Shpresa Frrokaj

Photo Credits: Arben Llapashtica