Dhuro: Giving Back To the People, From the People

Taking into account the current mood of the world, it is the optimum opportunity to show we’re there for each other as a community and inspire some into our daily habits. “Dhuro” stands for the special and unadulterated word “give”, in par with the startup’s mission and what it strives to bring to the community. A reciprocal relationship between simple compassion and humble acceptance through a startup business!

Ignited by the triumphant victory at the Hack the Crisis Kosovo Hackathon via Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), Dhuro made good on its 1st place quality.

With a goal to create a channel for acquiring and receiving help, Dhuro (debuting with the name of “Team Avengers”) created a website where people can post their inquiries and needs so that others who want to practice a charitable lifestyle but cannot find the proper platform can assist with a simple click and meet!

Balancing the perfect blend between simplistic and rich, the website that offers help needed and received aims to impact constantly with frequent development and feedback.
Its mission is to centralize and organize all help requests and donations in Kosovo for its people.

Starting off as a leisurely phone call to a friend, the plausibility of an idea caught on fire.

Seeing as after the hurricane comes rain, Dhuro’s services will be rendered paramount following the end of the pandemic when in fact conditions will be most dire witnessing the aftermath of Earth taking a beating of all categories. The consequences of such fortitude shown by the people will come fourth full-force and shake the foundations of every citizen’s life be it economically, materially, academically, gastronomically, mentally, etc.

A proper united grip to assist each other in any way possible will become practically the only tool competent enough to preserve the opportunity for better living post-pandemic.

Being virtually incubated, Dhuro pulls forward with sharing its mission via advertising with the help of sponsors like Facebook and Instagram (#Dhuro) and collecting feedback on possible improvement for the 2.0 version.

But don’t get it wrong; while the purpose is to offer help to each other, there is more reason and benefit to such a cause.

“It is an opportunity to connect with your community, inspire your motivation for daily life through volunteering and to build bridges for people from all walks of life not just with bare essentials life food and clothes but also to elevate their curiosity with things like school books and kits” relays one of Dhuro’s team member, Liri Efendiu unmasking the core of their mission through describing their fuel origin. “Sometimes you get people who have all the privileges and are financially well off who actually want to contribute but are barricaded by the complicated variables. We aim to obliterate that barrier”.

The foreseeable future for the altruistic website includes updates from the initial mock-up, updating user experience by listening to the target audience and isolating potential threats like having people abuse the platform. 7 weeks in, chinks being extracted from the system and implementing throughout their team a combo of professional growth and moral gratification from trying to do more for those who have less.
Today Kosovo, soon the world; Dhuro plans to go global by harvesting the success here and organize all help requests and donations around the world!

As best put by the team of Dhuro: “Share something and receive much more”.