DAB members visit ICK

A group of Kosovo Albanian scientists and university professors from Germany, Austria and Italy visited today Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) with the intention of brainstorming ways of bridging business and academia towards innovation.

Naim Bajçinca from Germany, Nysret Musliu from Austria, Venet Osmani from Italy – members of the Diaspora Advisory Board (DAB) during theit visit they meet with Uranik Begu Executive Director of ICK, representatives of the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK).

The DAB members during the visit gathered information on how can the innovation component be added to the research that is done in Kosovo.

The DAB members visit was facilitated by Labinot Bajraktari and Lule Ahmedi, representatives of Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FIEK) at the University of Prishtina. The visit was organized through the ICT KOSEU project.

Members of the Diaspora Advisory Board (DAB) also met with the dean of FIEK, and with the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.