Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding meetup in ICK

‘Likes don’t save Lives’ – this simple but impactful message by UNICEF puts everything in perspective. Social media as we know it is great, but what happens after the like, tweet or share?

How can we give social media a little edge to live on longer and be more productive? Join the workshop by Epi Ludvik Nekaj, on May 23rd 2014, from 17:00 at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK).

Nekaj is the Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week where one can learn more about crowd impact and relevance of these new social currencies.  Crowdsourcing Week is the first global conference dedicated to providing a multi-layer platform to help organizations transition into a more open, connected, and socially productive society. Crowdsourcing Week produces events that focus on how crowdsourcing can address the needs of today’s leaders to bring about meaningful change.
In 2008, he created Ludvik + Partners – one of New York’s hottest boutique virtual ad agencies built on a 100% crowdsourcing model. Epi Ludvik is one of the pioneers in the crowdsourcing ad space, an industry expert and thought leader in entertainment advertising – including public relations, event production, experiential marketing, consumer advertising and digital marketing. A special guest of the Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding meetup is Nick NM Yap, the CEO of ROCKI, serial entrepreneur and a veteran of two successful Kickstarter projects (for ROCKI and the Omate Smartwatch). He wil be presenting from 18:00 through Skype.
More about Nick Yap: