Conclusive Victory: A Top-Notch Summary to this Year’s Startup Social Venture!

Two idea-building days later, 9 teams carefully selected in the sea of candidates for the annual Startup Social Venture have finally come to their awaited time; pitching and claiming victory via support and opportunity with Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) in partnership with UNICEF! A giant boost and reward to the winner, and talented vigor around the room bringing startup initiative to step up its game!

After the many trials and tribulations, the teams overcame in the digital online format of this edition, their moment finally arrived to show what they, and their concept, are made of.

Following multiple Checkpoints where all teams and implementors debriefed on the intricacies of the competition with the assistance of Zana Cana; a former Project coordinator of the Workshop, tips and advice for smooth pitching, and pointers on how to shape their idea and enrichen its mural, the team dove into work to bring into fruition their finished product/service to present to the jury.

Throughout the process, the teams were also guided by the wisdom of a phenomenally achieved cocktail of mentors. These mentors who have guided these teams include: Janine; cofounder of Think B, Bonart Ajvazi; cofounder and COO of Black Bird Marketing, Krenare Çerkini; PhD student of the Virie University of Brussels (VUB), Marko Rakic; Founder and Director of the Innovation Center and local initiative of Link and Mitrovica, Zana Idrizi; International Consultant at the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub, Bajram Ilazi; CEO of Enchele team, Bardh Ahmeti; General Director and Consultant in Management Consulting, Dea Rudiqi; Masters Student, Edon Muhaxheri; Founder of Radiant Gradient, Lis Kotorri; Research Associate at LifestyleDiagnostix, Xheneta Sopjani; Creative Director of Deinde and Arianit Pajaziti; Software Engineer at Appbites.

The jury who has combed through the pitching process and asked the important questions to help these members pull through completely airtight from any flaw, nook or cranny include Zana Idrizi from UNDP in Istanbul, Laurat Raqa from UNICEF, Blin Zeqiri from Arthouse, Uran Rraci from Universum College and Shpend Lila from Innovation Centre Kosovo.

Post-decision, the jury had announced selecting “Biotech Agriculture”, “Bee Park”, “Metal and Wood-Working Art” and “Lazdrohu” as the winning startups with 16,000 euro distributed in support of their upcoming initiative.

Biotech Agriculture has a mission: implementing technology into agriculture. The product they’d developed controls a watering greenhouse in a digital matter via phone so that the farmer can use an app to control usually taxing manual labor throughout the day. The app also helps add information about the temperature, Ph acidity as well as keeping security on the harvest inside.

Bee Park strives to save the bee population as they’re a key player in nature and the global organic ecosystem. The company aims to become engaged in beekeeping and bee produce like honey, propolis, beeswax, bee venom and most crucial of all, more bees. The employed individuals will help train people who want to become engaged in beekeeping as well as activities in the park for children. People will learn to find, manage and maintain their hives, saving the word one bee at a time.

Metal and Wood-Working Art crafts old products into reused better versions of their old functions in a creative and innovative way with metal and wood; grills, swings, flower décor and other practical applications to old reusable materials to brighten up the interior and save the exterior!

Lazdrohu, as the final one, is dubbed as a Physical Activity Center for children with poor motor skills, more able kids and teenagers. Taking into account that kids with less than ideal motor skills can have difficulties in coordination of physical activity such as in walking, standing, climbing up and down the stairs, running, swimming and such. Kids with Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) struggle with physical tasks and activities they need to do both in and out of school. This startup plans to change the course of fate by offering the services these kids need to improve and live a qualitative life.

With the 4th edition rearing to its completion and for its first time online, the startups have a huge opportunity ahead and keeping hope for another awesome edition, we close this chapter with a show-stopping success!

This edition of Startup Social Venture was supported by UNICEF Kosovo, Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, Austrian Development Cooperation and Kosovo CSR Network.