Commencing with Expanse: ICK’s New Quarters

No matter what goes on in the world, life keeps unraveling to expand to new things. Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) does so by literally expanding new things to itself; new quarters for the community, startups, freelancers, trainees and partners to use with fresh new modern architecture and plenty of space to enhance ICK’s capacity of servitude and office leisure!

From city silhouettes to decorative velvet ceiling platforms, the new wing of ICK comes into the picture as both an expansion to enable further office comfort for innovative atmosphere and as a representation of the ceaseless development of ICK to a better version of itself regardless of global crises meant to dampen our spirits.

Filled with modern color schemes and a bold simplistic interior design targeted on the idea to make an environment comfortable enough to relax and brainstorm and yet not too full of detail as to offer a saturation of thoughts detrimental to productive concentration.

The key used to make the new wing come to life is to tackle the mental-stimulating components, mood-lifting space and palettes that influence the individual’s desire to not only use said space, but to have the space become an advantageous push towards their ability to function and produce the best quality of work, overall improving office performance and community morale.

The new quarter makes a total of Approx. 3,000 square meters to ICK, bringing a considerable amount of leisurely space, in-wall sitting areas, cubicle desk offices, a completely isolated singular booth for private online meetings and a mini conference hall for presentations, screenings and other panel-function events.

Leaps of action never come small when it comes to ICK, and making positive changes for the benefit of the community and enriching the contents of the Innovation focal point of Kosovo is an addition to the better future we are responsible to build for ourselves!

ICK invites you to experience the expanse and hope it inspires something in you.

The Innovation Centre of Kosovo is graciously supported by SIDA though the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, making things like new wonderful spaces possible!