Cashing in Some Knowledge: Startup Grind with Raiffeisen’s Shukri Mustafa

In this edition of Startup Grind, Shukri Mustafa from Raiffeisen Bank joins the midst of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) to share with us his wisdom in the banking industry and what value it holds to our community’s economic well-being.

“During the pandemic times it has been a tricky feat to hash out all the details of services that banks offer in such a sensitive time as the pandemic cause by COVID-19” confesses Shukri Mustafa, the director of the Raiffeisen bank at our Techstar Startup Week’s Startup Grind Event!

Interviewed by ICK’s Executive Director, Mr. Shukri answers the question of whether digitalization has helped progress procedures for his and all other banking companies, to which the bank director replied “It has not only helped us with our work, but it has helped our clients hone their needs from our services in swift, 24/7 and practical ways that has also ensured more lucrative business for the whole community”.

Whether overt or not, business is hugely impacted by the tactical, civil-serving strokes of the treasury branches and insight to its intricacies can unmask non-sensical myths for us and improve our user experience and even our credit score of any bank affiliation with this informative interview! To watch the full interview, here and enjoy the show!

Stay tuned for more to come this Techstars Startup Week Finale!