Business Tuesday #7 & Presentation of Butikon

Founded by Gramoz Begolli, Gentrit Gojani, Lavdim Zhjeqi and Donik Karaqi, Butikon aims to bring customers an opportunity to browse all the products that exist in the market from their homes.

It helps them make the selection of what they want before going for shopping The solution is quite interesting, since basically will save time and will enable a flexible access from homes, offices or anywhere else.

“By addressing the lack of a catalog of items sold in the stores in the cities of Kosovo Butikon has brought a solution in the form of an online catalog that includes all items and offers greater choice to customers,” said Gentrit Gojani one of the four founders of Butikon LLC. Gojani explained that through this platform clothing buyers can be notified for latest offers of clothing stores in Kosovo. Coworking / Wafer Norway Over 50 experts of different fields, have participated in the discussion abouty the concept of “coworking” in Kosovo and abroad, listening to the Norwegian experience in the establishment and maintenance of the joint space.

The concept of “coworking” or shared working space is an idea which in the past has been implemented by some Kosovar institutions. “When you want to work with a concept like ‘coworking’ values ​​are very important because you come to cooperate, so it is not just working at home independently, but you come to find cooperation, to create value, “said Uranik Begu Executive Director of Innovation Centre Kosovo during the opening of the seventh edition of Business Tuesday.

According to Begu potential participants in the concept of “coworking” are web developers, freelamce experts who he described as micro-entrepreneurs. While Audun Ueland co-founder MESH Norway introduced the concept of the functioning of this coworking space.  “We know that there are many entrepreneurs as us work and we wanted to have a place to work together,” said Ueland presenting photographs of MESH Norway premised. MESH Norway has an area over 2500 square metters including an Innovation café, space for events, meetings rooms, work space, a video studio, creative lab and a nightclub. MESH Norway serves as a meeting place for Norwegian innovators.