Blow up some confetti for our very own Marketi

Nothing beats the pleasure of shopping from the comfort of your sofa, don’t you all agree? This was the initial idea of today’s champion startup: Marketi!

When co-founders Arbnora Sahiti, Arben Pnishi, and Alban Sahiti first conceptualized their now moving startup, they looked at the state of the current business flow in Kosovo’s e-commerce as well as the lack of mobile apps to smoothen the process for buyers more concerned with a successful purchase rather than a super intricate purchasing system.

By making online shopping more accessible and easier to function through this platform, Marketi will help people do business in a flash. Sketch after sketch birthed from like-minded ideas, Marketi came to be a live product with users after a year and a half of trying to create a user base with a free product, unmonetized.

With the comradery support of the Innovation Centre of Kosovo (ICK) via grant distribution and virtual incubation, the startup team were able to join forces with themselves and create a business with a large impact since the platform helps businesses and users to promote their products and services by using e-commerce technology.

“Opening a whole new section of work in Kosovo’s economy is no light thing,” remarks Alban Sahiti – cofounder;  “but knowing we aren’t alone, having the aid and guidance of organizations like ICK and praise-worthy examples of other incubated startups, we carried the weight and will reap the fruit”.

While any feat is a success on its own, any line of work is undoubtedly met with a pang of criticism. And to that, Marketi’s perfectly matched motto to ignore the haters and continue with their excellence is as follows:
Everyone is running their own race, in their own time.
They are in their time zone and you are in yours.
So, relax.
You are not late. You are not early.

By: Dora Tarani (ICK)