Being an entrepreneur is not based on gender

Being an entrepreneur is not based on gender; this is what the events of the third day of the GEW with theme of Gender agreed on.

The third day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) started with a great panel and information session about the pilot project entitled “Women in Online Work – WOW”. The proposed pilot aims to increase the participation of women residing in rural municipalities of Kosovo in green, ICT-enabled jobs. This should give chances to women to show their innovative minds and be entrepreneurs.

As most women are affected by the prejudice in Kosovo, the most focus of the day was putted on women. There was also a following panel session which main points were on how women deal in business, empowering women in business through education and support them. These all were the main points of discussion tackling the challenges of women as entrepreneurs: in global and local perspective.

“There is a need to bring up the awareness that women as well as man can have their start-up, and their chance to do well is equal”.

The following up presentation gave as a chance to understand and learn on reform and normalization as a business and career opportunity. This leaded us on how economic reform can generate new business opportunities and how are the chances to approach them, and to understand how to look at career opportunities in order to change following job losses in a changing economic situation.

And the least event of the day was followed up with a heated discussion of how women and man can come to equal chances to show their ideas, bring them to paper, and start to develop this idea by adding life to it.

To fail

Chances to fail are great, but there is no entrepreneur spirit without taking risks. A failure can bring you to success. The youth tends to be great risk takers, and the biggest innovators. Therefore, the fourth day of the GEW will start with the theme on Youth. You are never too old for a start-up. For more, be patient and be prepared for a day full of energy, stay with us.