Behind the Lens of Rilind Beqa: A Graduated Trainee’s ICK Journey

Taking a dive into a successful witnessing of Rilind Beqa, a young artistic photographer who has made his mark across Prishtina since his first meeting with us in Kaçanik via the Schoolpreneur training courses provided by the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) in that region. You know what they say; plant a seed, and enjoy seeing it grow!

Starting as a photographer from the age of 14, Rilind Beqa has paved his path into becoming a professional photographer and creative director by building channels of cooperation and networking very rarely practiced at such a young age. How so? Well…

When ICK first organized its handy Training sessions at Kaçanik, Rilind enrolled at the Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship Training classes from harboring deep passion for those fields. Those training were part of the “BRICK” project, implemented in partnership with CDF (Community Development Fund).

“Marketing has always been something I gravitated towards,” testified Rilind, “being able to find the characteristic that made something valuable and likeable and sharing that in the most potent way possible to interested people was something that completed me as an artist”.

After completing the courses, Rilind interned at various companies as a photographer in events, activities and many other functions through the constant part-time employment at ICK. Thus, functionalizing the unused potential that could make wonderful images come to life when connected to the pipeline of the entrepreneurial ecosystem support in Prishtina. This had helped him greatly be exposed to opportunities to reach people, network with other artists and boost his own work by figuring out the proper key demographic.

Rilind’s contribution in events at ICK has enriched the photographic albums of many ICK experiences and recounted invisible moments of warmth between young entrepreneurs working hard to make something powerful come to life in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The particular Training subject of entrepreneurship assisted the young photographer in applying the right skills to mingle, to create connections and reconstruct his motto of work; less is more.

Despite the occasional judgmental first glance people would give to him for his age in this line of experience-rewarding work, he would quickly win over those glances when he produced impeccable results.

Currently, Rilind works as a freelance “Part-Time Ninja” in events, competitions, crowds and interior aesthetic designs of employers, most notably and frequent being ICK.

“Catching what is there but is felt more than seen is something I try to do constantly whenever I pick up my camera in the corridors of the innovation centre” he confessed, “and that itch has made me grateful but I’m also not satisfied. I want more challenges, to meet new people, work with everyone and most of all; always take more pictures”.

His favorite quote, one by Chase Jarvis, is a code he lives by: “The best camera is the one you’re always carrying with you”.