Be Zen: ICK’s tranquil Co-Working Space

The opportunities and comfort offered by the Innovation Centre Kosovo’s vicinities of productive activity bring the whole concept of your “personal safe bubble” to a whole new level.

One of the most helpful things workers have come up with is the idea of the co-working space.
Essentially, coworking spaces are venues used for the purpose of making the best of your time, focusing on your work in a neutral environment surrounded with like-minded people yearning for the same type of tranquility and concentration. Not unlike a library, the coworking space assures you maximum productive hours and even off-hand advantages such as socializing and business collaboration with people of various professional backgrounds. Also, nobody shushes you or disappoints you with their book selections at a co-working space.

The Innovation Centre Kosovo has contributed to its society in many eye-opening ways, exposing the population to various foreign modern elements to improve the quality of life we lead. The coworking space is undoubtedly at the top of that contributory list as it has given many businesses as well as individuals the chance to not only have a space of their own to make magic happen but also recruit potential workers and clients, and implement projects with either the Incubator branch or the Events department.

As stated before by ICK, entrepreneurship tends to be lonely work. You dedicate a portion of your life to make your product flawless, likable and spread the word.  Travel is inevitable and after-hours work is always a result one way or another down the business road. By strengthening relationships with colleagues from different fields and having access to your seat 24/7 it helps work become more versatile and prosperous.  So does having a P.O. box of your own, personal seating and an accessible kitchen but who’s counting?

An office is all well and good, but in a broad perspective, people need a place to connect with their work and their peers. Isolation is easy and not always effective. Having a rented building element hinders the very idea of a space designed for work; it becomes a home because you tailor it for your comfort and often times even potentially use it for personal expenditures. Being in a semi-public area where all that is asked of you is a calm focus and the best you can do, you can do far more for your pocket, your business and peace of mind simultaneously. Let the environment inspire you, aid your cause and even instill certain pillars and members that not only makes your company skyrocket but improve your approach towards the passion of your own work.

With feedback inspired by ICK’s very own coworking space members, lots of members have been able to engage in new-found activities hosted by the multitasking Centre by just simply being part of the system that sustains them.

Eldita Tarani, a project writer, product developer as well as a valuable user of the coworking space noted how the coworking space has not only helped her get things done but even discover the whole package ICK offers, what other purposes it has which ultimately led her into participating in events, coming up with her very own organizational ideas, networking and exposure to tons of different professional opportunities.

Following up was Dardan Prebreza’s testimony as his job titled security analyst in the hacking business does not liberate him to more leisurely activities, he had the chance to socialize with other users, create a more tight-knit relationships and even become inspired to organize a form of InfoSec for offense-defense work in cybersecurity for the youth of Prishtina.

Other accounted members like Vigan Shasivari, Njomza Simnica, Albana Hysenaj, Rozafë Llalloshi, Mehmetali Shaqiri, etc., also feel as though the presence of the coworking space option in their life has given them the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to expand their careers with top-notch quality work and much-needed tranquil neutral environments.

The service, while having an abundance of locals using the space, also have a fair share of international clients join in on the coworking roof for work and general streaks of creation one of which are Stefan Van Dijk.

In the end, there is no ideal sanctuary one can retreat to without becoming your own distraction in the work you do. But the Innovation Centre of Kosovo guarantees one thing: in an area with your own space and various commodities offered to you, creativity will be the last thing to leave your chair. That is the ultimate policy for a good coworking space. The best way to stay Zen.

By: Dora Tarani (ICK)