Are you ready to kick off the most exciting week of the year?

Join us and the rest of the world to celebrate the entrepreneurship week this November 14-20, 2016

This is the fourth time that Innovation Centre Kosovo is hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a week full of activities, celebration and excitement. This time of November is globally dedicated to all hard-working entrepreneurs, innovators and job creators who launch startups that drive new ideas and bring economic growth in our country. Kosovo, as a new country is going through a major economic transition, therefore events such as these, that are influenced by dozens of inspiring figures with an aim to come together for a change would serve as a great contribution. Similarly to previous years, GEW motivates people from every corner of the world to take action and get inspired to launch their new ideas. Self-starters, investors and business angels are able to give their contribution in exploring new concepts and solutions, develop networks and startups, or current businesses. Considering the competitive market structure of Kosovo, a week full of activities supporting and exploring the potential of young Kosovars represents a window to new opportunities. There are already signs that the startup scene in our country is emerging, therefore organizations such as GEW are true pushers for an economic boost. 

This upcoming week we are kicking off with a forum on Kosovo Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. There will be a special panel session with successful figures to discuss and comment on the importance and trends of “Entrepreneurship and Education & Access to Finance.”  The forum will be held at the Swiss Diamond Hotel, under the patronage of the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie. Mr. Delawie has already delivered a message regarding the Global Entrepreneurship week. He highlights:  “Thanks to you, every day great ideas are becoming reality, translating in investment, jobs and economic development for Kosovo.” He further states that after all the most successful entrepreneurs don’t just create ideas or start businesses, they solve real world problems.
This November, GEW Kosovo 2016 will elaborate five themes. The themes being:

• GEW Women
• GEW Youth
• GEW Investors
• GEW Cities
• GEW Scale-ups

Over thirty-five partners have already confirmed their contribution to Global Entrepreneurship Week, and each of them will share their expertise and commitment on several events based on their field of interest. The events will be scattered all over Kosovo, such as in Prishtine, Ferizaj, Gjakove, Istog, Mitrovice, etc. These successful firms and organizations have already shared their activity list scheduled for the next week.

Through these highlighted themes GEW Kosovo organizers promise to achieve an entrepreneur-friendly environment where people will be able to get involved and work through opportunities based on their enthusiastic choices. During the event, participants will be able to connect and network with potential collaborators, mentors and even investors.
Each of the themes will focus on: women and youth empowerment, promotion of creativity, startup innovation, network opportunities, confidence building, risk-taking and better decision making and many other significant entrepreneurial structures. These themes and activities will mark the week of celebrating the acceleration of new and existing local and international businesses.

We are very excited to be part of the world’s largest entrepreneurship campaign, which aims to promote startup opportunities and business aspirations through creative local activities, fused with international enthusiastic energy.

So what are you waiting for?  Mark your calendars, and get ready for GEW Kosovo 2016!

Starting on Monday, November 14 – 20, join us to celebrate Kosovo’s entrepreneurial growth!

Check out Ambassador Delawie’s message on youtube about entrepreneurship in #Kosovo.

Written by Rita Vula