Another View of Cyber Security: CRYPTON

It keeps getting better! Hosting more than 130 people this Monday, Digital Festival brought together entrepreneurs, programmers, hackers, experts, and technology enthusiasts for a series of events under the theme of Crypton. However, not everything was as enigmatic and mysterious how technology crypticism can be – Crypton participants had the opportunity to get a whole new perspective of what’s behind the scene!

The series of events kicked off with a panel discussion with prominent names in the field of information technology, each exploring an aspect of the issue of security: Computer engineering professor, Blerim Rexhaj talked about Web Security, the leader of “Enhancing Cyber Security” (ENCYSEC) for Europe and Balkan, Besnik Limaj presented and discussed cyber security; and lastly the security engineer Labeat Avdullahu unfolded his experiences of “living as a hacker.”

The panel discussions were followed by Real Life Cyber Attacks showcase through vectors of attack. The participants were able to see first-hand how systems are hacked, but also to learn how to defend against the hacking attacks. Drinor Selmanaj, the session leader, explains that its purpose was “to demonstrate cyber security and to see a hacker from closely, what he or she does in its world and in the same time to build an applicable system to protect stealing the data.” Further on, Selmanaj explains that it is important to “demonstrate the weaknesses of the system so that the users of creative systems will update and install the system in order to know how to use the internet, how to protect from unauthorized internet access and wi-fi.”

The third portion of the event concluded with the game Capture the Flag, a real demonstration of cyber security with the participants. Groups of new security testers or hackers gathered together to hack a created system with existing flaws. Whoever hacks more wins the competition.

In fact, (wanted or unwanted) access at data has become tremendously important issue.  Labeat Avdullahu, one of the guest speakers explains that “hacking is a special world where privacy is crucial.” For example, “If you place importance on the security of the personal data, I propose not to use a lot of social networks for publicizing data,” he says. “I see many cases when photos, ID’s are made public. For instance I’ve got my drivers license or I have a new passport! And at the same time they can be used for a request, let’s say for a new system password; for example on facebook if you write that you forgot your password, it will require to send an ID card, which someone can take from your wall; facebook thinks it’s you and there is a new password! So there can be consequences” Avdullahu concludes.

But the participants are also very excited and eager to learn more about this often- neglected- aspect of technology. “I’ve learned a lot of stuff because I was not completely aware about hackers. I realized that I can do something to protect our rights; it was very interesting and I am glad that youth is trying to do something for the development of technology” says Faton Haxhiu, one of the visitors. Another participant, also part of the trainings, Egzon Mustafa, continues, “I think technology is going through a rapid development and I hope that many youngsters will get involved on it. Digital Festival has helped a lot in this aspect as it has offered opportunities and advantages to all programmers who wanted to make their dreams come true,” he concludes.

But this is only a portion of what Digitial Festival has in store for you! Stay tuned for much more cool stuff in the upcoming weeks! Until then, as Kujtim Kryeziu, one of the network engineers at the event says, “stay aware, start to protect yourselves, stay safe.”

Blog by: Shpresa Frrokaj

Photo Credits: Arben Llapashtica