Anglia Summer Schools visits ICK

A group of primary school children on Tuesday visited Innovation Centre (ICK). Their visit was organized by Anglia Summer School organized by Anglia Network Europe ( for children aged 11-14 years.

The visiting children were informed about the work done in Innovation Centre (ICK). The group of pupils had the chance to see presentations done by Puntoria,  Xiiik and Eduapps – teams that are part of ICK’s incubator.
Dita Baruti a 16 years old school student 16 from the school Mileniumi i Tretë Third said that the visit at ICK was very good . “I liked most the game ‘Pishpirik’ on Facebook,” saysDita Baruti. Erza Dyrmishi 12 years old eight grade student at the elementary school, “Musa Hoti” says that at ICK she larned about this that she previously did not know. “I mostly liked the video which seemed to me like in the movies,” she says.
Before visiting ICK the group of children also paid a visit to the U.S. Embassy, British Council, Innovation Labs, American Corner, etc..