Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone

The eleventh edition of “Business Tuesday” that is organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) will focus on a discussion based on the topic “Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone”. Business Tuesday #11 will be held on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 from 17:15 to 19:30 at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo.

During the Business Tuesday #11 the discussion will focus on the types of applications designed for smartphones. The dilemma remains which we should choose: iOS, Android or Windows Phone?

In order to discuss this topic during the eleventh Business Tuesday are invited a few people with experience in the field of software dedicated to smartphones. Betim Drenica will speak on the topic “Windows Phone with applications versus competitors” and Bujar Mulliqi will present on “Strengths and weaknesses of iOS”. Presentations will be closed by Milot Shala who will speak on the topic “Discussion on the Android platform and applications” that will held via Skype. After the presentations the public will have the opportunity to participate in an open discussion on the subject.

Business Tuesday, is an event organized by the Innovation Centre held each first Tuesday of the month, focusing on a particular topic, on which different professionals are invited to speak and share their experiences with a wider audience. This event is a business oriented dialogue and always accompanied with the latest meetings / discussions with drink / coffee for participants. Business Tuesday is inspired by the practice of similar events organized in Scandinavia.

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