And so the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) adventure begins! | Day 1

In the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant A&A, the kick-off breakfast with GEW partners and supporters marks the official beginning of this one week exciting journey.

During electrifying day one, the first brick was layered by the Universum College, as the Kosovo member for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – GEM. Alejtin Berisha, the executive director of the college, presented the in depth study “Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – Fast Facts for Kosovo” which depicted the entrepreneurial activities and goals of Kosovar individuals.

Kosovo Business Angels Network (KOSBAN) layered the second brick by giving the opportunity to many youngsters to be able to “Pitch like a Rock Star”. A lot of pitching simulation and interview simulation went on. And the workshop didn’t end with that, after the working sessions, all the participants had the chance to present their ideas – in front of the investor. Very cool, right!

The next brick was layered by the Kosovo United States Alumni (KUSA) organization that gathered at least a dozens of entrepreneurs in their two days interactive workshop, during which they covered crucial subjects to entrepreneurs in general, and especially to start-ups.  Sustainability, financial challenges, and the importance of PR and marketing, were the main points. The testimony from entrepreneurs’ experiences was another interesting element worth highlighting.

Kosovo ICT Association layered the final brick with their one-week training on Customer Relations Management (CRM) lead by the renowned Croatian customer-data expert Dario Car.

But hey, one needs a roof to complete a brick house – and the roof was on fire in Morena Bar during the Rock Entrepreneurial Monday, which marked the end of the day. In an informal and relaxing set up “Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing” was the hot topic. Mergim Cahani, founder of – the first Albanian search engine, lead the discussion, after which the party continued with great music from the rock singer Valon Shehu and his band.

Stay tuned; we’ll keep you posted about the next day!