A.I. Revolution: How Behamics Unlocks Innovative Doors and Exemplifies Customer Experience!

Employing one of the most impressive feats of technology, the up-and-rising startup known as Behamics introduces a practical yet sophisticated method to improve e-commerce!

When it comes to product sale and the development of the tech world itself, Kosovo has climbed those levels rapidly using innovation centers and various opportunities to cultivate inventive startups.

Along those margins comes the phenomenal startup team known as Behamics; an Artificial Intelligence software invention initiated by founders Thilo Pfrang and Valon Xhafa. Through the assistive resources provided by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) in ways such as grants and networking opportunities, Behamics was able to develop and spread a new line of methods in which businesses and e-commerce websites can conduct their affairs using revolutionary technology, especially for the likes of Kosovo.

The main objective of the company is to improve user experience in online shopping, minimize return rates and increase buyer satisfaction using a smart predictive software that gauges the client’s subjective experiences and automatically impacts the issue to improve the system itself.

The fascinating way with which this is done is by analyzing and predicting the user behavior and identifying the shopper’s incentives to make the best decisions and predictions for an impeccable shopping experience. On top of its initial use, using AI software is a huge step forward for Kosovo as a developing STEM community that thrives on new methods of leading businesses and improving existing programs.

To come up with a concept that tackles not only inventive technology, but also a way to functionalize that technology in benefit to the greater population, Thilo Pfrang uses his expertise after studying Behavior Psychology in a PhD level to analyze said user behavior as well as Valon Xhafa’s vast experience in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Following the end of an era at a former company, Mr Xhafa forged on with his calling to then discover a silver lining to the end of the previous concept with the new one; Behamics AI Software for e-commerce companies and beyond.

Prioritizing positive user experience, educating masses on improving artificial intelligence technology as well as opening new job opportunities are all the effects a single startup can have on a country with the right intentions and impeccable execution technique.

In the future, the company sees in its horizon the further improvement of its product by adding more details and beneficial features.

Now 2 years in the making, Behamics as a team continues to dedicate their efforts and talents to their startup, ultimately cinching in with their identity and helping them discover new facets of this career path every day. These examples are crucial to rising entrepreneurs to become motivated and inspired to revolutionize the field constantly and with this sort of rigor.

Inspired by the wisdom of artists and personal success, Mr Xhafa remarks a motto he applies to the company, “I am grateful to my ability to believe in my success by investing to become excellent. A company achieving success overnight 3 years in the making, it took dedication and passion, something I hope each pioneer we encounter in the field displays!”