A House Full of Startups: A New Generation of Ideas Begins

The hustle of the world of business is one that never stops to take a breath. Even through the bumpy road and challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, new entrepreneurs have remained active and pushed their own limits by applying with new business ideas to join the family of startups at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). This time around 59 applications from enterprises have been received, 21 of which have been selected to be supported by ICK; we invite you to peek into these business ideas and decide one thing: Are limits what define you, or make you defiant?

As attested by the numbers themselves, the country keeps blooming with fresh ambitious startup entrepreneurs as 59 applications from enterprises have been received. Such initiative is provoked thanks to ICK’s 21st Call for talented startups to initiate in and get the opportunity to delve into privileges in their first steps as a startup business.

Such privileges include access to international programs, mentorship support and guidance, financial support and access to investor network, marketing of said brand, hosting services and participation in international B2B events that increase the quality of success in an entrepreneur’s startup company. The particularly innovative and influential startups also get the chance to attend conferences and travel internationally to promote and update their startup concept to potential future investors and targeted customers.

After a rigorous selection, 21 startup concepts were selected for admittance divided as follows: 6 of them became incubated in the ICK, 13 incubated virtually and 2 pre-incubated startups.

Those incubated with office space include Worksence, BioTech, Porti, Stress Free and Rent a car app and Pype. Each startup with fascinating new and creative concepts contributing to the ICT ecosystem.

Startups incubated virtually that receive advisory and other forms of support plus constant progress checks to ensure their organic growth include iCan team, Skillset, WebObs, Gazeta Scanner shpk, Common Store, Cuybera, Wooden Eyes, Neuroni, Gjeneratori, Soteria, Easy furniture, Probleme.me and Tregflix.

And the rainbow flakes on top of this industrial entrepreneurial dessert are the pre-incubated startups such as Order Manager and Udhë Team, part of the ICK jigsaw that make the image of innovation whole.

As remarked by ICK’s Executive Director Uranik Begu, “This batch of new startups will be very special since they reflect the positive spirit we need in these times and at all future times in our community”.

Check out the short description of the startups that will be incubated in ICK:

Worksense is a SaaS cloud suite which will help companies easily adapt the digital transformation era and manage day-to-day operations by providing them with a diverse set of tools in a single place. The following are initial SaaS applications planned for release: Time Tracking & Attendance, Workspace / Team management, Leave Management, Project / Task Management,  Hiring & Onboarding and Scheduling.

Biotech is a company that creates and develops agricultural products. Biotech uses smart technology to raise productivity and make farmers’ jobs easier.

Stress Free Corner is an online platform for stress management that aims to help individuals and companies identify stress points and create mechanisms for managing and reducing overall stress. The platform is designed to offer programs in different modalities through online tests,  text and face to face counseling; design manuals and training for organizations and corporations; the development and delivery of technology products.

Rent a car app  is a management application for rent-a-car companies. The core module includes management for cars and employees. This is a great solution for companies who still haven’t transitioned to digital data and for those who are using outdated software. For clients who do not have an online platform, a website containing information of all of the companies will be provided as an optional module. The website will offer online reservations for the clients and additional features such as car tracking.

Porti is based on the basic bike sharing system, but with an extra element of electric bikes. Porti provides people with e-bikes that can be rented anytime, anywhere in the city. The service provided will be charged for users depending on the time the bikes are used by users.

PyPe is a digital product which offers its users interaction between one another, questions and answers regarding different topics, which consist of exchanging experiences and knowledge. PyPe will generate big data from its users which will be filtered using Machine Learning based part-of-speech tagging and text classification technologies.  There will be different tools to help users express their question and answers in a more accurate manner such as Math Formulas editor, code – programming editor, chemistry formulas editor and much more.

Tune in for more to come and stay healthy!