A Fashionista’s Metamorphosis: A dressing choice, not the only choice

A team with an easy to read yet complex motto: Transformation and re-transformation.

Fight or Flight signs in as a revolutionary concept of taking control of your closet and making choices on the fly with minimal spending and maximum satisfaction. How? The phrase coined is Wearable Technology; self-transforming textile designs able to be altered in real-time based on style and mood for the best dressing experience!

The founder, Hana Zeqa, whose team is part of our business incubator pioneers this selection product in a very finely-detailed technological blueprint.

With motor sensors integrated and programmed to the smart fabric to change shape and color with body friendly technology, individuals can purchase and wear garments on a multifunctional level; to save on buying multiple pairs of the same design in different colors which reduces financial expenses and material waste while serving the best look!

In the future, self-transforming textiles can use Bluetooth or phone apps to apply changes whenever needed thanks to the newly established startup from Kosovo “Fight or Flight” and their beta phase prototypes opening a new door for technology, fashion and choice.

Who says commitment has room in fashion?

For more information, please visit “Fight or Flight” Facebook Page.