A discussion about mobile phone applications

Business Tuesday #11 organized by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) focused on the topic “Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone”. Three experts from the field of mobile applications discussed about the pros and cons of mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

The topic about which system of smartphones is the most suitable for users has attracted more than 70 professionals and other individuals to be part of the discussion “Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone”, organized by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), at Business Tuesday #11.

The presence of mobile phones – especially those that are known as smartphones – is now part of the everyday life of people around the world including here also the republic of Kosovo. Many people confuse phones with the software they use. iOS, Android and Window Phone. Quite often smartphones are also used for commercial reasons – to do business and also as working tools. But which smartphone applications are the best for each of us?

Betim Drenica software developer says that “Windows Phone is a very good operative system for mobile phones, easy to be used for the user and with a few deficiencies for the developer, not open as much as Android but it deserves space from the user”. During his presentation Drenica focused on the topic “Windows Phone with applications versus competition”.

While Bujar Mulliqi said that the force of a system is defined by its application store. “In the moment when ones buys a mobile phone knows that it has a lot of applications that can help him to be more productive during the day, and these applications at the end of the day make the phone a smartphone”, he says. Mulliqi a software engineer and iOS trainer during Business Tuesday #11 presented his topic “Pros and cons of iOS”. The presentations ended with Milot Shala – software developer who talked about “Platform and applications for Android”.

Business Tuesday is an event organized by Innovation Centre Kosovo that is held the first Tuesday of the month focused on a specific topic. Business Tuesday” is inspired by similar activities organized in Scandinavia.

Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), Kosovo are the founders of ICK, and Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo is the main cooperating partner. ICK is funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.