A digital platform for designing and conducting surveys

IziSurvey.com created by Ridvan Peshkopia, Mërgim Cahani, Alejtin Berisha and Edi Demaj, was launched on Wednesday at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), in front of more than 70 participants. Founders of iziSurvey.com demonstrated how, in a simple way, through this platform can be designed and conducted different types of surveys.

Pristina, 08 January — IziSurvey, an innovative software platform that offers the ability to easily create custom surveys with powerful features and that drastically lowers data collection costs and minimizing human error, was launched today at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). This platform initially was foreseen to be an internal tool to serve the needs of its developers – university professors – while now it is expected to be a major player in over a billion dollar industry.
Founders of iziSurvey are lecturers Ridvan Peshkopia and Mërgim Cahani, who met while teaching at the Universum College in Kosovo, Alejtin Berisha CEO of Universum College and Edi Demaj an entrepreneur and business executive from Detroit in Michigan – the United States. IziSurvey is part of the ICK incubator.

“We wanted to develop a problem solving and a user friendly survey platform for our internal use, which incorporated features not found elsewhere. The software was developed by the Phronesis Technologies, a leading software development company. However, after the first version, we saw a big potential for its commercialization,” said Mërgim Cahani iziSurvey’s CEO, at the launching event of iziSurvey. Cahani added that “the feedback from several major companies and universities who tried the initial version of iziSurvey was incredible”.
This platform, according to him, has already collected over half a million survey responses.
Safet Rama manager of incubator of ICK at the laucnhing event of iziSurvey said that “this platform is useful tool that offers great oportunity to expand in the international market of surveys”.

IziSurvey is a tool that serves researchers in various academic disciplines, as well as large and small companies involved in the data collection and research. Data gathering is achieved through mobile devices while operating independent of internet connectivity, can work online and offline, whereas survey management, survey creation, detailed reporting and exporting, is done on iziSurvey.com portal. Users can easily design their own survey by using various question types. The user designs the survey through Survey Management tool found on iziSurvey.com, and then downloads the survey to their device(s) that will use to conduct the survey. Users can then upload data collected from the device to the website, export them to Microsoft Excel format, or view visual analytics and charts.

In addition to the common features of a standard survey platform, iziSurvey also offers its unique random digit dialing (RRD) technology for cellphone surveying and, with the help of a headset, makes possible to easily fill the questionnaire on the same device from where the interviewer is calling. IziSurvey offers a randomly reshuffled order of response options for each question in the questionnaire. iziSurvey also supports highly advanced conditional questions.

The platform currently supports Android devices, but it is expected in the next couple of months to have iPhone, iPad, Windows, and web support. IziSurvey is registered in Detriot, Michigan (US) where the company also received a non-disclosed financial funding from the area, while part of the engineering team still remains in Kosovo. For more information please click at the iziSurvey website http://www.izisurvey.com/

Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), Kosovo are the founders of ICK, and Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo is the main cooperating partner. ICK is funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.