51 students with paid internships enter the workforce!

In thanks to the prestigious Training and Internship Program supported by the European Union Kosovo, with the aim of engaging the youth in Kosovo, students from schools in Prishtina and Prizren have landed jobs following the end of their training.

Training courses that have brought them thus far and ensured the caliber for a paid internship position are Graphic Design, Video Editing, Web Programming, Online Marketing, Java and WordPress! Employment has followed in multiple diverse companies and organizations all across Kosovo.

Special regards are given to companies like Equart, Mayune, Market Hunters Training Center, Pellg Visual Arta, RotFot, SIT-Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research, Makerspace Prizren and the Stress Free Corner.

This program has been implemented in collaboration with “Gjin Gazulli” middle and high school and technical school “11 Marsi” in Prizren.