11 Tech startups to watch – meet our newest batch of entrepreneurs!

We are happy to announce the start of our newest batch with 11 startups that will begin the Business Incubation journey with us!

Aside from business development services, the Incubation Program will support entrepreneurs with specialized capacity building services including: intensive mentorship-driven program, pre-accelerator program, connections with the investor networks, access to international events and support in creating strategic partnerships.

Meet the 11 selected teams:

  1. Udhë is aiming to find every passenger an empty seat to travel from city to city while helping drivers cover their travel expenses.

2. Drejtshkruaj is a writing assistant platform, in a mission to go beyond grammatical and spelling corrections, to improve the style of users’ writings by providing them with proper Albanian terms instead of foreign unnecessary ones.

3. FAMS is currently developing a system (Hardware and Software) for monitoring the health of cattle. The software system enables the functionality of the device, collects data from each animal with a certain ID, analyses the data and uses algorithms to predict various diseases that may occur in animals.

4. Tomato ai / Tbot is STEAM robotic coding (science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics) for kids which makes learning and teaching robotic coding simple and fun.

5. Traceabeelity ensures that high quality honey is collected directly from its local partner beekeepers and works closely with them to implement quality management systems.

6.Whose App is a digital lost and found platform hosting a new dimension of securing valuable items. “Whose” are stickers combined with the latest NFC technology with personalized designs to add to any item of your choosing.

7.Lua Robotics is building an autonomous robotic vehicle (called LUA BOT) that will be used widely in the agricultural sector and will help farmers in their daily routine activities.

8. GREENERGY – Healthy living made easy has created a social networking App, where users will get daily news regarding the environment, have the chance to order online, and learn about a healthier lifestyle.

9. Smart Kindergarten aims to translate the day-to-day kindergarten’s activities into digital ones and facilitate easier access to interaction between parents and preschool institutions.

10. Pedestrian Networks is on a mission to reorganize open spaces to the advantage of pedestrians on the streets and to improve the quality of life in the city.

11. Bonbiznes aims to promote the products of different businesses in one platform, focusing on craft and traditional businesses selling and distributing them to the consumer through electric transport vehicles (e-bike).