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Bring your big business ideas to life.

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Startup Information

Name phone and email of each co-founder

Describe the experience - education of each member

Will the team members be able to work fulltime?

What is the proposed product and/or service(s)?

What is the stage of development of your product?

What are the advantages(disadvantages) of your product/service?

What existing products or services compete?

Why will customers buy your product or service?

Who are your customers (potential customers)?

How will you market your product or service?

Will you market your product or service in KS?

How will you generate revenues from your product?

If a company- provide a description of the company. If no, please provide information about if and when you plan to register your business?

Describe the existing or proposed organizational structure of the business.

Why will you succeed with your business?

About this Application & ICK

Why are you applying to the ICK Incubator?

How did you hear about the ICK incubator?


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