Incubator Services

Hosting services, Consulting, Mentoring, B2B, Promotion, Fundraising, Matchmaking.

A core part of the ICK is the Incubator. It provides an engaging environment for commercialization of viable business ideas, as well as visibility in the market for both new and existing companies. The ICK Incubator provides pre-incubation, incubation and virtual incubation services, depending on the experience of the team and level of development of the business idea.

Pre-Incubation Services – are developed for clients with identified clear gaps in pathway for commercializing their business initiative. Meaning that the client has a business concept with good market potential, but has no or limited business expertise and resources to commercialize it. Before entering pre-incubation, entrepreneurs may not have legally constituted companies, approved business plans, marketable products and/or services to be offered. For that reason they are supported within the following segments:

  • Development of product/service prototype or industrial design or technical documentation,
  • Development of the business and marketing plans,
  • Legally constituting the company.

Clients in pre-incubation have at their disposal development support services offered under fully subvention conditions:

  • Hosting services (Shared offices, meeting rooms, training rooms)
  • Consulting services
  • Social area services (ICK event area, business presentations, Forums, Conferences)

Incubation Services – service packages for tenants are made from a combination of the below listed services, according to the development stage of their business venture:

  • All the necessary expertise to turn your commercial ICT idea into a profitable business.
  • Market-oriented and professional consulting, mentoring and training.
  • Modern office facilities in a creative and business environment in the center of Prishtina.
  • Access to local and international networks.

Virtual Incubation Services – are offered to clients in Survival, Growth, Expansion and Maturity development phases. It is offered to clients, who do not have need for hosting services since they own their own premises, or they are situated out of Prishtina, but they are fulfilling conditions regarding idea innovativeness, international orientation and employment potential.

Generally offered services consist of three categories of services:

  • Consulting services for start-ups
  • International Business Matchmaking & Consulting services,
  • ICT Education Services.

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