Call for Business Ideas

We’re looking for technology-focused start-ups with a passion for innovation, lots of creativity and who share our revolutionary vision.

Please Apply if you have:

A great ICT business idea with a commercial market and want to start your own business.
A company which has been operating less than 2 years, have an innovation ICT product or service, and want to expand and grow your business.
A great team, with business and technical capabilities from anywhere in the world
A commitment to develop your StartUp and be based full-time at ICK Incubator programme.

ICK Incubator programme includes:

•    Access to Grants
•    Hosting Services - Office in the heart of Prishtina with other startups. Friendly environment infrastructure and utilities services available – 24/7.
•    Investor Networks - We connect you to the right investors through several investor and pitching events. (Such as: Banks, PODIM, StartupYard, Hello Tomorrow, Rockstar Accelerator, ABC Accelerator, Google for Entrepreneurs, Krypto Lab, etc.)
•    Consulting & Mentorship - 15+ mentors are available to give you support and help you expand your network.
•    Access to International Conferences, Fairs and B2Bs – Discounted or for free. (Such as: Websummit; KOSICT; Berlin Startup Scene; Startup Istanbul; Tirana Innovation Week; CEBIT, etc.
•    Startup Training program – Development and Business Planning Training.
•    Exclusive Deals
        o     Microsoft BizSpark Network Partner
        o     Amazon Web Service
        o     Sendgrid
        o     ICK Training – All trainings offered by ICK are discounted or for free
        o     Social area services (ICK event area, business presentations, Forums, Conferences)
•    Alumni Support & Cooperation –After the program we continue to support you in growing your company and fund raising.       

The Incubator provides pre-incubation and incubation services, depending on the experience of the team and level of development of the business idea.

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Jobs created




Incubator Services

Hosting services, Consulting, Mentoring, B2B, Promotion, Fundraising, Matchmaking.



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A core part of the ICK is the Incubator. It provides an engaging environment for commercialization of viable business ideas, as well as visibility in the market for both new and existing companies. The ICK Incubator provides pre-incubation, incubation and virtual incubation services, depending on the experience of the team and level of development of the business idea.


Dijon Vula

Dijon Vula
Electrical Engineer/Hardware Developer

An energizing and modern place where everybody is helping everybody to learn more and reach higher. The best thing that can happen to a young entrepreneur.

Dren Imeraj

Dren Imeraj

In ICK I had the chance to practice everything what I had learned in theory until than. And it will not stop because I will always be part of everything that ICK organises to help us.


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