Event Services

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Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) enables people all over the country to plan, promote, and sell out different kind of events. Our event management tools make it easy to set up.

We are your one-stop-shop for conference and event planning!

We will partner with you to arrange the appropriate venue space and plan a successful event within your budget. We can assist you with all of the event planning details, including promotion and social engagement.

Our venue spaces are ideal locations for academic, community and company events, and conferences. We hold many types of events, from seminars to public conferences.

The ICK is located in the heart of Pristina, near the National Library, University of Pristina and Sports Hall.

We have a multimedia space dedicated to hosting different types of events with the purpose of networking for different types of projects, in an open, casual and friendly way.

For reservations: +386 (49) 765 567; events@ickosovo.com


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