Trying shoes with Happy Feet


We are to about to launch the Happy Feet app BUT.. before we do that, we are doing a Pre-Launch event so that you get to try out the app and see if the suggested size and model of shoes will fit you. You are invited to be part of this event so that you might give us a thumbs up or down when Happy Feet is suggesting you the size and model of shoes. So that the big launch would be perfect!

What’s exactly Happy Feet?
Happy Feet is a mobile app that offers the virtual fit service using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. It enables a personalized shoe fitting experience while buying shoes online. With “Happy Feet” you can scan your feet (by taking a picture from a certain angle) and get suggestions on real-time for the size and styles of shoes that are appropriate for your foot shape. As a final step, you get redirected to the website of our partnering company to buy them.

Can’t wait to see you!


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