Triton Revolution is a gaming event which will take place on January 29 – 30, 2015, at ICK. This event will bring all gamers, developers and technology fans in one place.

Gaming industry and Triton Event — Gaming industry is one of the biggest and the most profitable technology industry. This industry has seen a long growth in the whole region, especially in Kosovo. Rapid development of smartphone industry on recent years, has created a very comfortable ambient for creating games which is the key factor on creating a sustainable future for development of all technology sectors. It is very important that events like Triton Gaming Event to continue even on other states of region to promote creativity, and to put basis for a better future throughout technology.

LAN party — The event is also going to have some tournaments on Counter-Strike, DOTA, League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Pro Evolution Soccer, Fifa. Players would have the chance to play on teams by being physically on one location and to have the experience of interactivity with other player attendants.

Game Discussion — Special guests will be invited to discuss about the Gaming Industry as a whole. This will be an open discussion where we will discuss about Game Genres, The Evolution of Processed Graphics, PC vs Console, Gaming History, Gaming on Handheld Devices, Next Generation Consoles & Graphics, The Future of Gaming etc.

Free activities — During the event, there will be other free activities in which all attendants could relax by playing Ping-Pong, Table Football and Darts.
Registrations to be opened on January 20, 2015.


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