Teco Chat App – Demo


How does one set apart their work station from their social life? The intricately made and convenient to use Teco Chat platform will make sure to not only connect you to your team globally, but also make your working experience the most efficient it could be!

In this day and age, chatting platforms have almost become the norm and whenever people use such venues to take care of business (be that private or work), the odds that their experience has been completely efficient and clean are slim. That is the basis and rise of Teco chat, a communicating platform built with features such as voice calls, tasks, personal notes and more to help you sort out your private and daily life without a shred of complication whatsoever.

The idea is to have a venue akin to chatrooms with the twist of having a tightly secured, checked, personalized, controlled and saved chat-group dubbed as a workspace where the creator of the group has the ability add and monitor the emissions within the chat for meetings via individual and group calls as well as classic text, distributing documents globally to your team, flexibly getting work done and have it all be compressed to a working business area.

Teco chat also allows you to manage separate profiles and communicate with various gadgets that are most suitable for the respective team. The platform is an excellent source of organizing responsibilities within a working team.

It is the best way to communicate with your team and expand your digital meetings if you run out of time or can’t get out of home!
The spirit of Tecochat leans on the principle of chatting made tailor made to fit all needs for everyone!


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