Startup Knowledge for All with Asetila Köstinger


Everybody is talking about startups and entrepreneurship today. Nevertheless 95 % of startups don’t last more than three years. The remaining 5% become very successful businesses and support the world economy.

But what is do special about startups? Can you found one? You have an idea, but you don’t know how to make it a viable business idea? How can you design, test and deliver products and services customers wants to pay for? These questions and more we will answer during the #focusimpactshine workshop.

You will also learn about the business model canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas to design and test great values (according to A.Osterwalder).

Value Proposition design is a never-ending process in which you need to evolve your value proposition(s ) constantly to keep it relevant to customers.

Who is Asetila Köstinger? Here is what she says:

I have built some own companies and startups over the years. I’ve also failed, I have learned something from each one, and I have done it all over again. I created #FocusImpactShine as a side-project to design, experiment, exercise, take risks, make mistakes, break rules, create prototypes, have fun, learn from each-other, grow, and celebrate purpose-design in social entrepreneurship. My vision is to make #Focusimpactshine a global movement of women social entrepreneurs and aspiring social entrepreneurs supporting each other. “

Don’t miss the chance to gain more from a creative, think out of the box, social multipotentialite and a learning entrepreneur based in Vienna. And, very passionate about women empowerment.


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