Startup Grind Prishtina presents Kristian Kabashi (Numarics)


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On Thursday, November 16, Startup Grind Prishtina by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK), hosts Mr. Kristian Kabashi, the Co-Founder of Numarics and The Blank Collar.

As a visionary leader in the field of business transformation and digital innovation, Mr. Kabashi is passionate about harnessing the power of design thinking, agile methodologies, and advanced technologies to create breakthrough solutions that drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operational efficiency.

Throughout his career, Kristian has built and led high-performing teams that have achieved outstanding results, both in the startup arena and within large legacy enterprises. Leveraging his expertise in design thinking and agile methodologies, he has helped organizations across a range of industries to navigate complex challenges, transform their businesses, and achieve significant growth.

In particular, Kristian has a deep understanding of advanced technologies such as AI and Automation, and have used this knowledge to build award-winning startups in the fintech arena. His ability to combine cutting-edge technologies with innovative design thinking and agile methodologies has allowed Kristian to create solutions that are both highly effective and highly user-centric.

As a strategic thinker and problem-solver, Kristian has a proven track record of delivering results in even the most challenging environments. Whether working with a startup or a large enterprise, his focus on creating agile, customer-centric solutions has consistently led to transformational change and positive business outcomes.

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