Startup Grind Prishtina Hosts Valon Budima (Asseco)


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On March 30, 2016 starting from 17:30, Startup Grind Prishtina hosts Valon Budima (ASSECO).

Valon Budima, born in 1972 in Peja, Kosovo, by his parents both teachers. Valon has been a very talented mathematician during high school and participated successfully in several local and regional competitions in mathematics and physics. During this period he also started to get interested in computers and programming. Soon he developed a few software applications to be used by local businesses before he moved to Prishtina for studies.

While studying Informatics and Telecommunication at the University of Prishtina, started working as a software engineer for an IT company in Prishtina in 1992. His work went through different platforms and systems such as: DOS, MS-Windows, Pascal, C++, Paradox, Dbase and Clipper. During this period, he started specializing also in computer networks and was one of the first certified network engineers in the country to design and implement different types of computer networks.

In February 1997 he co-founded one of the first local specialized IT companies PRONET IT Consulting, Engineering and Telecom L.L.C established. Pronet focused in developing and integrating software applications and computer networks. Pronet also launched the first local Internet Service Provider in early 1999. During 1999, right after the war in Kosovo, works also for the United Nations as Systems Administrator for a period of six months involved in setting up the IT systems of the UN Mission in Kosovo. Beginning from the year 2000, dedicates his work in the growth of Pronet which by 2005 becomes the biggest IT company in Kosovo. During this period, he was mainly managing business development and sales. In 2007 he was appointed CEO of Pronet by the company shareholders. In 2009, as Pronet joins Asseco South Eastern Europe, Valon continues to work as executive local manager for the company. Budima is Country Leader, President of the Management Board of ASEE Kosovo and Asseco SEE in Albania. Budima manages and carries out strategic plans of the company in order to reach it’s local goals.

Valon is one of the founders of STIKK Association.

Valon is married and father of two sweetest daughters. He likes reading about theoretical physics and mathematics but also loves basketball, skiing, running and playing poker.


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