Startup Grind Prishtina Hosts Ramiz Kelmendi (ELKOS Group)


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On March 1, 2016 starting from 17:30, Startup Grind Prishtina hosts Ramiz Kelmendi (ELKOS Group).

Ramiz Kelmendi is the founder of ELKOS Group. Right after successfully graduating from the Electronics Faculty in the University of Pristina, he started his career as manager in the electric fitting enterprise “Elmont” in Peja, in 1982. He held this position until 1989, when he was dismissed for not obeying the Serbian regime. But this did not stop him and in just a few months, he founded the private company “ELKOS” in Peja. Since then, the company’s profits have increased significantly, which has led to the opening of other stores across different cities in Kosovo (the main one being located in Pristina), then Montenegro and Albania, and recently even in Macedonia. In 2000, ELKOS’s strategy was oriented towards Western countries.

In 2005, Ramiz Kelmendi faced yet another challenge: establishing chain stores in every place in Kosovo, called ETC (Elkos Trading Center). Today, there are 25 such stores operating in different locations across the country.

Whereas two years later, he founded ELKOS Argar, first in Albania then Kosovo. His initial plan was to encourage the reaping of abandoned lands from villagers, the development and maintenance of this important section and its transformation into an initiator of the general economic growth in these two countries. ELKOScenter, ELKOShomeline, e-market, ELKOS distribution, ELKOS construction and the TV channel E-tv, are all now part of ELKOS Group.


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