Scrum Meetup Prishtina

If you’re a agile project management fan, this event is for you!


Agile project management is an approach to managing projects that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, customer feedback, and iterative progress. It contrasts with traditional project management methods that often rely on rigid plans and sequential processes. Agile methodologies are well-suited for projects with evolving or uncertain requirements, where adaptability and responsiveness are crucial.

Scrum is a widely used framework for agile project management that is particularly suited for complex projects. It was originally introduced as a way to manage software development projects, but its principles and practices have found application in various fields beyond software development.

Sign up for free to attend our event with local masters, to talk about agile project management, new trends, highlights, benefits and share ideas with the community. Agile values the people on the team and their interactions. Effective communication and teamwork are prioritized over rigid processes or tools. So, let's talk!


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