Product Management Essentials with Ljuba Youngblom


Ljuba is a product designer, product manager, and entrepreneur from San Francisco. He was born in Canada and raised in the United States, where he graduated from UC Berkeley with a masters’ degree in interaction design.

SiriusXM acquired his co-founded connected car company “Automatic” for over $100M, in 2017.

He worked at the UX design consultancy Adaptive Path before co-founding Automatic ( where he held many roles, including head of Product and Design. After six years, three products, and a successful acquisition, he is currently spending five months in the Balkans with the Swiss Entrepreneurship program, mentoring entrepreneurs, and startups.


Ljuba is a tech generalist and his strength lies in bridging the many parts of a startup. However, here is a quick overview of the areas I think I could assist the most in:

Early-stage startups: As a co-founder of a startup that grew from 5 to nearly 100, Ljuba is very familiar with the challenging of early-stage teams and companies.

Design: Ljuba is an experienced UX and product designer and has also lead design teams throughout the entire design process, from ideation and user research to production and iteration with engineering.

Product management: He has to lead the cross-functional development of numerous products and could advise feature prioritization, team workflow, and process, goal-setting, metric analysis, etc.

Product strategy/marketing: He is particularly familiar with mobile and IoT products, and could advise on product timelines, launch strategy, marketing, customer segmentation, opportunity analysis, etc.

PR and communications: Ljuba has worked with dozens of tech and other news publications in the US and could advise on how to get the attention of the press and use “earned media” to enhance a product announcements.



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