A new wave of entrepreneurship is changing everything, from Sydney to New York and from London to Tel Aviv. Dynamic teams that start with just an idea or a small prototype are growing into successful large companies within only a year or two. And this is happening not only in Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Berlin, but in many smaller cities and towns all over the world.
Eastern Europe is an especially interesting place for entrepreneurship. Great technical talent and an open innovative mindset are the main advantages that allowed companies like AVG, Skype, Prezi, and Viber to get started in this region or grow their offices locally, becoming global success stories.

But how do you build a modern tech business? What do you need to know? How to validate a product, get access to markets, and find an investor? And how can you become a successful angel investor by investing USD 10k or 20k into tomorrow’s multimillion dollar company?

Join us in at #PrishtinaFTW as part of KosICT 2014 to learn everything you always wanted to know about startups, entrepreneurship, and angel investing. Featuring veterans of the startup industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and produced by USAID-REG, #PrishtinaFTW is a two-day unforgettable experience of pitching, talking to successful startup founders and seasoned investors.

#FTW(For the Win) is a community platform bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and facilitators in emerging European entrepreneurship and startup communities with the following goals:

1. Providing access to best‐practices for early-stage entrepreneurs
2. Giving the best local entrepreneurs a chance to get noticed globally
3. Assisting local private and angel investors to professionalize and grow their syndication (investment networks)
4. Building capacity of entrepreneurship community organizers and innovation centers to improve their services, outreach, and effectiveness in supporting entrepreneurs and startups.
#PrishtinaFTW is organized with the support of USAID Regional Economic Growth project, in partnership with Crimson Finance Fund, Innovation Centre Kosovo, STIKK & CEED Kosova.

Apply to pitch your startup at the #PrishtinaFTW Entrepreneurship Day.


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