Pitching and Story telling Lecture & Workshop (With Toot Shani)

Pitching and Story telling Lecture & Workshop (With Toot Shani)

April 01, 2016 @ 13:00


  1. Pitch and story telling towards investors
  2. Pitch, positioning and brand story towards clients or users
  3. The framing of a story
  4. The delivery and confidence while pitching to investors or clients

Toot Shani is leading new and international business development processes including business and brand strategy, fundraising and partnerships. With a fairly varied background balancing hard and soft skills Toot manages to understand both numbers and people extremely well and integrate them. Toot has mentored and pitch-trained over 100 companies from over 50 countries and 4 continents including the winner of Pioneers Festival 2014 and 2nd place of Pioneers Festival 2015. Working with a large variety of companies, cultures and industries is enabling Toot to demonstrate deep understanding of innovation processes and provide a thorough overview uniquely suitable for generating a global impact.

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